24 Channel Spread Cable - 10 Meter

GISCO24Ch Seismic Spread Cable


24 Take-outs 10 Meter spacing 30 meter lead-in/out

61S Connectors at both ends Kooter take-out connectors

General Specification
Conductor Material Stranded Copper
Conductor Size 50*26AWG-7/0.16
Strength Member One Wire Kevlar in the middle
Outer Diameter 10.2mm
Outer Jacket Material Polyurethane
Cducontor Resistance ≤145Ω/KM/20℃
Conductor Insulation Polypropylene
Insulation Diameter 0.8mm
Insulation Resistance 150MΩ.KM/500V
Take-Out Type Kooter
Connector 24-61S
Take-out Interval 10.0 Meters
Lead-in/Lead-out 30.0 Meters
Operating Temperature -40℃~+70℃

Note:Limited Warranty: Life time for production errors; 1 year for quality issue.

Warranty excludes damage caused by high-voltage or physical damage to the cable.