Trigger Switches

  • The GISCO GST is a radialy senstivice self powered piezoelectric shock sensing switch
  • The output is an open collector NPN trnasistor simulating contact closure.  The outpur is protected against reverse polarity, over voltage, and over current
  • The maximum allowed current from the recorder during contact closure is 100milliamps

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Customer Testimonials:

"Two years ago I was having many problems with hammer switches from other manufacturers, which sometimes lasted no more than 10 blows before they broke down.  These switches were twice as expensive as GISCO's.  I sent an e-mail to GISCO and asked for their hammer switches, as I desperately needed an alternative... (they) provided me with the best hammer switch I ever used.  We have 3 more of these switches now, but the first unit we bought has been constantly working for 2 years and has not missed a single blow yet!!  I recommend these switches to anybody that does seismic work.  They are extremely reliable."     -Jose R. Arce, Manager  Jose Arce Geofisicos S.R.L. Lima, Peru