The ESS900ATV is an electrically operated seismic energy source mounted on a Polaris commercial all-terrain vehicle. The source is completely self-contained and all functions can be controlled by the operator without leaving the driver’s seat. A cargo box with is free to haul up to 250 pounds of cables, geophones or other equipment as needed.

Operator safety is maximized by keeping the weight of the source centered on the back of the vehicle with the lowest possible center of gravity. A shoulder harness and a full roll cage protect the operator.

The ESS900ATV seismic source uses a 900 pound accelerated weight drop with integrated hammer plate. The source uses a direct drive system, which eliminates the need for hydraulics, hoses, fluid tanks, and the inevitable fluid leaks. Instead it uses a high torque 12VDC electric motor and transmission to raise its hammer. Twelve-volt power is supplied by a heavy duty deep discharge battery, which is charged by ATV engine alternator. Battery charging is regulated automatically. The battery has enough power to fire the ESS900ATV many times without the engine running. This allows operation in locations where the vibration or fumes from the gas engine would be a problem.

The ESS900ATV has fully automatic cycling, just push the fire button and a complete cycle occurs automatically. All functions are controlled by a small hand held wireless control. The ESS900ATV is supplied as a fully integrated system with built in controller, trigger system, and radio transmitter to send the time break to a remote recording site.