ESS200 & ESS500

Trailer Mounted Electrically Operated High Energy Sesmic Source

The ESS200 and ESS500 seismic source is a new design with many new features. It uses a high torque electric motor and transmission to raise its hammer. Twelve-volt power is supplied by a heavy duty deep discharge battery, which is charged by a gasoline engine driven alternator. Battery charging is regulated automatically, just as in a vehicle. The battery has enough power to fire the ESS200 and ESS500 many times without the generator running. This allows operation in locations where the vibration or fumes from the gas engine will be a problem

Both the ESS200 and ESS500 use a direct drive system, which eliminates the need for hydraulics, hoses, fluid tanks, and the inevitable fluid leaks.

The ESS200 and ESS500 have fully automatic cycling, just push the fire button and a complete cycle occurs automatically. Most competing sources require an operator to watch the source closely and raise and lower a hydraulic cylinder by specific amounts. The ESS200 adn ESS500 are supplied as a fully integrated system with built in controller and trigger system.  When the optional radio trigger link system and wireless hand control are purchased they too are integrated within the ESS200 and ESS500 control box.

  • Exclusive design concept from GISCO
  • More energy from a smaller, lighter source
  • 200 or 500 lb hammer
  • Accelerates hammer to high velocity
  • Simple, quiet 12 volt electrical operation
  • Fully automatic cycling
  • Integrated controls and trigger system
  • Integrated radio trigger link available
  • Honda 5.5hp engine and alternator keeps battery charged in the field
  • Fires hundreds of times on battery power alone for quiet vibration free operation