• ​The ESS-MINI is an electrically operated portable seismic energy source
  • It is supplied with a fully integrated control and triggering system
  • Operation requires only a 12-volt battery and a trigger cable or radio trigger link to the recording seismograph
  • In normal operation the MINI is mounted on the 2-inch class 3 trailer hitch of a vehicle or ATV
  • As supplied, the standard ESS-MINI system includes the source itself, a hammer coupling plate, an “L” bracket for trailer hitch mounting, a hand controller, elastomer bands, and a custom fitted wood shipping crate. An electronic control box with attached battery cable and trigger sensor are supplied already mounted on the source.
  • The ESS-MINI seismic source is a new light weight and compact design.  Except for the steel hammer, the MINI is made entirely out of aluminum for strength and light weight. A new compact gearmotor drive also saves weight. The MINI has fully automatic cycling with integrated triggering system. Once the “FIRE” button is pushed a complete cycle occurs automatically.

Below is a video of the ESS Mini in Action.  (System pictured includes "Dolly Option").