Digital Grade Geophone

Specifications Value Tolerances
Nature Frequency 1Hz ±10%
Coil Resistance 3400(?) ±10%
Open Circuit Damping(%) 0.32 ±10%
Damping with 1000 ohm Shunt 0.43
Open Circuit Sensitivity 2 v/cm/s
Moving mass 770 g
Max. Coil excursion 6 mm
Max. Coil excursion 6 mm
Basic unit Diameter 65mm
Basic unit Height 107mm
Basic unit Weight 1.45Kg
Case Diameter 160mm 136mm 230mm (V) (H)(Triaxial)
Case Height 136mm 106mm 148mm (V)(H)(Triaxial)
Weight (g) 87 10 ±5%
Case Weight 8.15Kg 3.4Kg 10Kg (V)(H)(Triaxial)
Weight (g) 87 10 ±5%
Operating temperature range -25°C to +55°C

Limited Warranty: 1 Years.