SBS42: P- wave Source

The borehole source SBS42 generates compressional waves (P) in water filled boreholes.  The seismic signals are highly repeatable.  Energy released by the IPG5000 discharges through a coaxial cable terminated by two adjacent spark electrodes.  The spark discharge vaporizes water by a high-pressure plasma.  This generates vapor bubbles which expand and collapse, thereby generating high-frequency seismic waves. 

Generated Wave Types: P

Signal Frequencies: Up to 5 kHz

Operational Depth: Up to 400m

Source Length: 645 mm

Source Weight: 3.8kg

Cable Weight per meter: 206 g

Cable Strength: 3400 N

Borehole Diameter: Min. 50 mm

Clamping System: Not Required

Depth Indicator: Cable marking every 2m

Connector: To Impulse Generator IPG5000

Storage: On drum