ESS 50 & ESS 100

  • The ESS50 and ESS100 are an electrically operated portable seismic energy source. It is supplied with a fully integrated control and triggering system.

  • Operation requires only a 12-volt battery and a trigger cable or radio trigger link to the recording seismograph. In normal operation the ESS50 and ESS100 are mounted on the 2-inch class 3 trailer hitch of a vehicle or ATV.

    The ESS50 and ESS100 seismic source is a new design with many new features. It does not use a gas engine or hydraulics so there are no hoses to break; any gasoline or hydraulic oil to leak or spill. Gas and oil are considered hazardous materials so the ESS100 is the only source that can easily be shipped by common carriers. The ESS50 and ESS100 has fully automatic cycling; once the “FIRE” button is pushed a complete cycle occurs automatically.

  • Most competing sources require an operator to watch the source closely and raise and lower a hydraulic cylinder by specific amounts. The ESS100 is supplied as a fully integrated system with built in controller and trigger system.  When the optional radio trigger link system is purchased, that too is integrated within the ESS50 and ESS100 control boxes.